Monday, November 25, 2013

WWE2K15: Wrestler Specific Computer Logic

The proposal is called “Computer Logic.” I am pretty sure there are many developers there at 2K Sports that are familiar with the game Fire Pro Wrestling. This is the greatest wrestling simulation video game ever made. What makes this game special isn’t the graphics. It isn’t the storyline mode. It isn’t the elaborate entrances. It comes down to how specific each computer-controlled wrestler acts and reacts during the course of a match. Interested in how detailed this system is, take a look here and look at all of the situations that are editable by the user:

Please read Section E; it is the computer logic page and please study it because it is deep.
If you are really interested in seeing it, you can find a cheap copy of the game as it was released on the PS2 in 2006.

I believe this game is on the rise and we can turn it up a notch by implementing computer logic. Believe it or not, a large portion of your hardcore base watches CPU vs. CPU matches. And a lot of us that are fans of the import-wrestling scene are bothered that there isn’t much variance in the wrestler’s tendencies when the computer controls them. It is not cool seeing Rey and Sin Cara start a match off and within 3 mins walking over to the announce table and ripping out Michael Cole’s television monitor. Hopefully this is the last year that this issue will be present. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

My Wrestler Mode

Created player career modes have become a staple in 2K sports games. These modes serve as a mini-RPG for character development in their respective sports. There has yet to be an American wrestling game that has given users the deep and rich experience that “My Player” modes from 2K Sports titles have provided. Hopefully WWE 2K can be the first domestic wrestling game that gives users the ability to take their created wrestler from nothing into potentially a WWE Hall of Famer.


Your wrestler’s journey should start in NXT. The WWE has put millions of dollars into the new training facility in central Florida so it is time that it is put to use in digital form. Here he has to prove to the decision makers that he is worthy enough for a call up to the main WWE roster. Many sports games in the past have breezed the created player through the minor league systems, but allowing the character to struggle and be developed will make that call to the main roster that much sweeter when it happens.

Having your wrestler start in NXT has a few perks. Here he can be closer to the eyes of the WWE brass. But since the character is in developmental stages, he shouldn’t start out with a high skill level. It should be a struggle to make it to the main roster, as it is in reality. NXT should also be used when your wrestler is returning from an injury. Instead of being thrust back into the main roster, you should have the option to return to NXT to get back into the swing of things.

NXT should be taken very serious considering this is where “My Wrestler” will spend the majority of his time during the early part of his career. This shouldn’t be used as a pit-stop that is loosely ignored since the WWE is theoretically on the horizon. It is imperative that NXT is taken seriously and treated as it’s own separate entity. 

Random Guest Appearances from WWE Roster Stars

Much like CM Punk did in 2011, there should be an occasional WWE superstar that visits the NXT Campus. This wrestler should participate in the Main Event of a card(s) but he should also be able to be contacted for a personal training session with, “My Wrestler.” Here, “My Wrestler” should be able to learn moves from the moveset of the WWE Star that is tutoring him.

Also, there should be a once in a blue moon situation that has a WWE Legend visit the NXT Campus. He shouldn’t wrestle on any NXT cards as he is solely there to train younger talent. This should be a VERY expensive training session since a WWE Legend is taking his time out to help the younger talent. The idea here is the bridge the gap between the past and the present.

Legends Training Mode

Much like in NBA 2K, there should be a training camp mode in which “Your Wrestler” has to perform moves in various dictated situations. During this mode, Legends from the past should be running the training sessions. The purpose of this mode is to simply get the user familiar with all in-ring situations that the game will present. Here could be a few possible training sessions that would feature stars of the past.
Striking Moves: Biker Undertaker
Top Rope/Flying Moves: HBK
Submission Holds: Bret Hart
Grapple Moves: Ric Flair
Taunting/Charisma: Hulk Hogan

Every conceivable offensive/defensive situation should have to be performed to pass on to the next stage of “My Wrestler.”

Wrestling Style

“My Wrestler” should follow in the footsteps of NBA 2K from the standpoint of skills being exclusive to certain styles of athletes. If “My Wrestler” is created as a Giant style wrestler, then Lucha moves shouldn’t be available to “My Wrestler.” If “My Wrestler” is created as a Luchador, then the amount of power moves available to “My Wrestler” should be limited. The idea is to have realistic wrestlers in the WWE Universe that mimic the style of wrestlers that exist in reality. If this would be considered too hardcore, moves that aren’t traditional to “My Wrestler’s” traditional style should come with an extremely high price tag and these moves shouldn’t be as effective since they are being misused.

Spending Money

Again, referencing to NBA 2K, there should be a form of Virtual Currency in WWE 2K’s “My Wrestler” mode. Initially, “My Wrestler” should only be able to earn money from winning matches. As “My Wrestler” becomes more popular in the local NXT market, he should get paid to make public appearances and signing autographs. When he becomes a bigger star in the WWE, he can have the option of making a movie, commercials, and appear on television shows. “My Wrestler” will spend his money on training sessions with established WWE stars and/or Legends that will randomly visit the NXT campus. 

These are just a few ideas for upcoming WWE 2K titles. Next time we will complete the wishlist for "My Wrestler"

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Speed Kills

As with any sports game, speed is one of the more important attributes a digital athletes can posses.
The current system of WWE wrestling games separates the speed of the wrestlers by weight class but it should be deeper than that. Every cruiserweight isn't faster than every light heavyweight. Every light heavyweight isn't faster than every heavyweight. The wrestlers should posses a speed rating that can distinguish him from the next wrestler in terms of movement speed.

The speed in which wrestlers climb the turnbuckle in WWE13 presents an unrealistic aspect of the game.

Again, the more options the more each wrestler can stand out from the next.
What is being proposed: In the wrestler edit/CAW mode, there should be a "Top Rope Ascend" category with the options ranging from; Cannot Climb, Slow, Med, Fast.
Next should be a, "Can Lead To Turnbuckle" category that has Yes/No as the two options.

Let's compare the speed in which RVD bounces to the top turnbuckle in real life with how he bounces to the top turnbuckle in WWE 13. Also note the speed of the 5* Frog Splash in the two clips.

The speed of RVD's top rope ascension is cleary sped up in the WWE13 clip when comparing it to his speed from the TNA clip. Also, it is worth noting the speed of the two frog splashes. The video game version is much faster than it's real life counterpart. Slowing down the speed turnbuckle climbs/bounces as well as the time of flight for flying moves can bring another level of realism to future WWE video games.

Now a wrestler like RVD who bounces up to the turnbuckle but isn't particularly fast can be assigned Med climbing speed with the option of leaping up to the turnbuckle.

So the proposal here is a few options.
Movement Speed Rating
Turnbuckle Climp Speed
Can Leap To Top Option

Character differentiation is the movement that sports games are moving toward. Giving varied speed/athleticism options for all wrestlers is paramount in creating a realistic product. Also, slowing down the game to a realistic pace can ensure that users aren't treating wrestling games as Street Fighter 2 Turbo. This will help differentiate the stars of the wrestling world in future products.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Simulation Wrestling Game? How Would That Even Work?

(NBA Live 95' had an Arcade vs. Simulation option. Why don't wrestling games made in 2013 have them?)

Every sports game gives their users an option to select their preferred style of gameplay. For those that are looking for a more realistic approach to the game, the simulation option is there. For those users that are looking for a more laid back and fun style of gameplay, the arcade setting is there for them. While each style has their target audience, the idea of having options here is key. But when it comes to wrestling games, we don't have those options. 

Proposals for the simulation setting:
- Slower paced action focusing on building towards a finish
- Fatigue will play a bigger role during these matches (will be addressed later)
- The possibility of longer matches considering that power moves would have a higher probability of being reversed in the earlier stages of the match.

Proposals for the arcade setting:
- Moves have higher damage levels ensuring that matches don't last long
- Fatigue plays less of a role during these matches
- The placement/timing of power moves have no bearing on the success rate of them

Options are the key here. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, everyone doesn't have the same intentions when playing their wrestling games. Some users enjoy long drawn out matches while others enjoy the faced paced beat em up style. It would be nice to have a domestic wrestling game that allows the users to actually wrestle and not button mash. It would be nice to use actual strategy and building a classic 5* match. It would nice for a user that understands the sport more than his opponent be rewarded for displaying certain strategies/tactics throughout a contest.

2K, we are simply asking for options.

In the next installment, Speed will be addressed and how it currently limits the amount of possible realism displayed domestic wrestling games.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#SimNation Meets WWE2K

(It's been a long time, a long time coming; But I know a change gonna come. Oh yes it will!)

The Pro Wrestling gaming scene has been disappointing to many wrestling fans over the past decade. Depending on who you ask, it appears that many wrestling fans are still labeling "WWF No Mercy" as the last great wrestling game they owned. Newsflash: That game was released in 2000. Somewhere along the way there was a disconnect between the fans and the developers.

I have always respected the developers at 2KSports for their ability to bring a respectable amount realism to their sports titles. As a long time NBA 2K and Pro Wrestling fan, I felt a great deal of excitement when I discovered that 2KSports obtained the WWE licence.

Also being a member of #SimNation, I hope this blog can be used to show WWE 2K developers that fans would appreciate more realistic wrestling games in the immediate future. I feel that sports games are moving into the direction of realism and pro wrestling games should follow suit. Hopefully the days of Pro Wrestling games being created, developed, and played like fighting games are over since 2K Sports has taken over reigns.

This blog will be used to post ideas, suggestions, and issues that have plagued the more recent games of the genre. 
If you have any ideas for future blog entries feel free to leave a comment.

Until then; "Wrestling games aren't fighting games."